Whether your favourite boating activity is relaxing or invigorating, Valiant has created a wide range of well designed and safe Rigid Inflatable Boats.

Valiant leisure line offers the most comprehensive line of Rigid Inflatable Boats in the leisure market and is proud to be referred as the "SUV of the SEA."

  • THE CLASSIC LINE offers six complete packages ranging from 4.3 m to 6.85 m. These models are made with the highest quality, marketleading material in the industry, PVC (Mehler Haku) or CR/CSM Hypalon ORCA™ (Pennel & Flipo). The tubes are in white cream, which elegantly matches the neutral tones of its upholstery.
  • The SPORT line consists of seven models, from 4.7m to 7.5 m. These RIBS have been specially designed for customers looking for functionality, performance and seaworthiness at a very competitive price and also for lovers of all nautical Sports from waterskiing to fishing or diving.
Discover the sea in total comfort
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