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  • How do I contact an authorized dealer?


    Have a look at the Dealer Network!


    Where can I have a look at my favourite model?


    Have a look at the Dealer Network and at the Event & Fairs list.

  • Do you have service manuals available?


    Although we do not provide our customers with a service manual, we do provide you with an owner's manual supplement with specific information about each model available. For service information you will need to contact an authorized dealer.


    How do I determine my boat's capacity limits?


    Your boat is equipped with labels providing specific towing and capacity information. If your labels have been removed, you may find replacement labels in our parts catalogs for ordering through your authorized dealer.


    How do I get technical support?


    Technical support and services are only provided through Brunswick Marine in EMEA Sale offices, Distributors and Dealers network.

    You will find your closed dealer, national Sales Office/Distributor by browsing the dealer network.


    How do I transfer my warranty?


    The remaining warranty may be transferred by contacting your local dealership. They will make the necessary changes in the warranty system. Transferring the warranty is free of cost.


    Why can I not find a parts catalog for my new boat?


    If your new boat does not have a catalog available at this time check back soon. Catalogs are frequently posted throughout the year. If you need further assistance please contact your authorized dealer.

  • How should I properly prepare my boat for out-of-season storage or prolonged storage?


    Winterizing your boat for the majority of us is the most dreaded day of the year. Take protective measures to assure your boat will greet you with a happy face when warm weather welcomes you again in a few months. We recommend taking your engine to an authorized dealer to perform the work. Damage from improper storage procedures is not covered under the limited warranty policy. If you chose to perform the storage procedure, follow the storage procedures outlined in your Operations, Maintenance & Warranty Manual.